Is your team craving a deeper connection?

Cooking classes at East Austin Culinary Studio aren't just about learning to cook. They are about creating the perfect environment to spark conversation, laughter, and joy with your team.

This is not your average team build. This is the team build your team will be talking about all. year. long.

Traditionally, these classes are in-person but due to COVID-19 we are offering virtual team building sessions. 

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All of our classes are hands-on.


You and your team make everything from start to finish.

Family Meal

After your team completes all the recipes, y'all will sit down together and enjoy the meal as a family.


All you have to do is show up! We provide all the food, aprons, non-alcoholic drinks, and yep, we do all the clean-up.


You are welcome to bring your own wine and beer to your class. 

Or your favorite cocktail.

6-16 teammates


6 person minimum


16 person max

2-3 Hours

Don't worry, time flies in a cooking class! Class time depends on menu and speed in the kitchen.


We con accommodate any and all allergies. Only a few classes not being a good fit for Gluten-Free participants.

Not Sports

Yeah, no sports here. No throwing things, hitting, things, or running. Just old school cooking and eating. 


“Amanda is THE BEST!! We came to East Austin Culinary Studio as a team build and I will 100% be back for another class!! Thank you, Amanda, for an amazing night!!!”


Brittany R., Yelp User 

Menu Options

Image by Charles 🇵🇭

Asian Dumplings

Learn to hand roll the dough and stuff the dumplings 


Hand roll your own pasta into perfect strips or other shapes

Image by Creative Headline


Learn to make red and green salsa and homemade tortillas 

Image by The Creative Exchange


Learn how to make stock, season it, and the secret to good ramen

Hands working on Italian pasta, gnocchi.


Hand roll these fluffy doughy pillows that melt in your mouth

Spring Roll


Learn the basics to Thai cooking is this class, mild or spicy, your choice

Meet Your


I'm Chef Amanda and I love teaching people how to cook. Cooperate team builds are best because each team member brings a different skillset into the kitchen and I get to unlock each teammate's culinary confidence so they can share it with their team. You never know who will be the most skilled in cooking each dish. It usually surprises the team -- I love that!

Is your team a good fit?

 You team is the right fit if:

  • your team LOVES to eat

  • your team wants to do something other than sports

  • your team is tired of sitting at a desk

  • your team needs an indoor team building activity in Austin (so hot outside!)

  • your team is ready to sink your teeth into something new

 You team is NOT the right fit if:

  • y'all hate to eat or you think food is boring

  • y'all are grumpy 

  • y'all just want to sit down and be served food (I mean I wouldn't mind this sometimes)

Teams that aren't a good fit

Organic Groceries

How it works

For in-person classes, just show up at the start time ready to cook!

For virtual classes, Chef Amanda will send you a grocery list along with the set of recipes for the class. If you're in Austin, for an additional fee you can pick up all the groceries you'll need on the day of the class. Have all your groceries ready and recipes printed (if you prefer paper), then join the Zoom call from your home kitchen at the start time.