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Interview with Chef Andria: The Salsa Lady

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Chef Andria is someone you NEED to know. Her classes are lighthearted, personable, and simply delightful! She is wealth of knowledge and she truly LOVES all things salsa!

You NEED to come take a class with her! You NEED to know how to make salsa. You NEED more salsa in your life.

Ok, I might be talking about myself here, but still, who doesn't need MORE salsa in their life?

Do you want to join this ridiculously talented chef and learn to make your own salsa at home? You do?

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Now onto the good stuff, learn more about chef Andria and and find out of she prefers corn or flour tortillas.

Q. When did you start cooking?
A. I started cooking as early as I could reach the counter.  Both my parents were great cooks and I come from a huge family. I looked forward to making dinner all day and thought about what to make while I was at school.  It's no surprise that I started working in chef-owned restaurants at 15 years old and never stopped learning.
Q. what is your favorite part about teaching people how to make salsa?  
A. FIRE. You have to be willing to put your chilies, onions and fruit on the grill and let them get black. The fragrance is amazing.  I also love teaching people the template of salsa and inspiring confidence in them to try mixing up the ingredients. Mid-winter salsa can be just as exciting as summer salsas, you just have to familiarize yourself with what fruit, chilies and onions, herbs, etc. are in season around you.  That's more authentic in concept than trying to recreate someone else's. 
Q. What is your favorite way to eat salsa (besides with chips)?  
A. I love salsa on grilled meats, like steak and seafood, especially shrimp and also on eggs!  Delicious.
Q. What is your favorite cookbook?  
A. 'Twelve Recipes' by Cal Pedersen. The writing is great and I agree with his ethos.  
Q. What's your favorite tequila?
A.Everyday tequila, El Jimador, I just love the smoke.  
Q. Corn or flour tortillas?
A. CORN, all day.
Q. Red or green salsa?
 A. Green, also all day.  
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